Iconolatria: Installation views

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I am so sorry that i’ve been dead as a doornail for the past couple of months, but i was definitely in the middle of completing my MFA. Recently, I managed to put together my first solo exhibition ever, here in Hong Kong! My thesis has finally turned into a thing, and that is really satisfying. I have installation views up in this here blog post, which are completely cold and boring, and more for documentation purposes. But if you would like to see photographs of the opening, they are available for viewing on my Facebook page. Have a look!

Also, at the end of this post, I’ve embedded the graduate lecture/artist’s talk that i gave at the opening. Thanks again to everyone that came out to see the work, I can’t say enough how truly overwhelming it has been to see all the work and people come together! And I can sleep again! I can take naps! REAL FULL-LENGTH NAPS!

Thanks to my dear friend Ann Chih for all her help doing the documentation!

Man, that thumbnail. What have I done?? Expect more personal work soon yay!

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