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Double Vision HKG

Around the time I was doing weddings, I decided to stop lugging around a DSLR on a daily basis. Aside from the obvious weight issue (Nikons are heavy bishes), I was having trouble disassociating work from leisure, my own photography from my “brand”‘s photography, if […]

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Woven photographs

These were some things i was experimenting with way back, in 2010. I hadn’t really seen any of Dinh Q. LĂȘ’s work (who you should Google, and check out his images, because they are legiiiiit elaborately woven photographs) until i brought these samples to my […]

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the art of forgetting

Some oldish semi-melodramatic work that i did earlier this year while attempting to destress from my workload. I thought it would never see the light of day but I’ve decided I actually kind of like it. it’s like trying to level a city with an […]

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Iconolatria: Installation views

I am so sorry that i’ve been dead as a doornail for the past couple of months, but i was definitely in the middle of completing my MFA. Recently, I managed to put together my first solo exhibition ever, here in Hong Kong! My thesis […]

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Eggplant Harvest

Joined the Para Sa Aton participants in Madridejos one morning for their organic eggplant harvest. We decided to do a little photoshoot in the garden to show off the produce, so the ladies brought out their best threads, styled themselves up nice, and very kindly […]

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Mga Santong Kanto

Here are some of the images from a series i’m working on for my thesis. As this is my blogspace, I’ll speak here informally about the origins of the project, but if you want to read a more academic statement about the work (AND WHO […]

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In Between

This project was done for my Photo Documentary class, taken in the Spring of 2013. I documented the walk from where i live in Hong Kong to where i go to school, a bus ride that i take every single day. I would always see […]

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Wishes for Strangers

For everyone that missed our art show and book lauch, Day of Valor – here are the artworks! The framed works are for sale, for pricing information, please contact me at smfdans at gmail dot com. =) For purchase of Pauline’s book, you can email […]

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