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I was in Tokyo for a couple days with my mother! It was my first time, and I made sure to go all over: Harajuku, Tsukiji, Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Daiba, Ueno, Ebisu, Akihabara, and snippets of other places. I really enjoyed myself! I tend to raid 7-Eleven when i’m in a big city because it’s a great way to try local snacks, and Tokyo now holds the distinction of Most Amazing Random Crap Ever. For now. With the exception of some pretty funky feet-tasting tomato juice, everything i had was delicious.

I will never forget your food, Tokyo. Or your legion of teenybopper-worshipping, middle-aged fanboys dancing to the stylings of a leather-clad girl group in the afternoon shadow of an actual living breathing Gundam (true story)(sadly no photographs)(but yes, I’d say that was my definitive JAPAN moment).

Enjoy these photographs! I’ll be returning to Hong Kong in about a week, and another schoolyear shall commence.

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  1. OH MY GOD. I always thought that the square format was so unfamiliar for me and you can only do so much to compose in a space but WOW the richness and varying levels of detail and narrative on this set is amazing!! I totally fell in love with the leaves and the window shot of the girl in the train. The street shots too! WOW! Beautiful set Sandee. Your content and curation is so excellent!

    • Thanks Kitty! I actually walked around Tokyo knowing that i was going to crop things this way – it’s such a GEOMETRIC place, in my eyes! One day we’ll go visit! \m/

  2. These are so beautiful! The way you captured Shibuya is amazing! I love the effect of the people :D The shots in the subway/trains are also pretty. I love how candid everything is. :3

    I wished I captured Fukuoka this way too when we went there three weeks ago. (Proud lang ako dun sa pagoda sa Tochiji Temple :P)

  3. Ugh, so gorgeous. I always love your stuff so much. The time lapse-y ones of the crosswalks are fantastic!

  4. as always, I love your eye for interesting and unique details and compositions *A* it looks like a super fun trip~ hope you go back soon and take more photos!

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