1. I love the one where they’re comparing bellies! :D These are all great; you can tell how happy and excited they both are.

    • Sandra Dans

      Yeah, i think they really enjoyed taking those belly shots =D Glad you enjoyed them Erica!

  2. Cham Loreto

    Thanks so much, Sandra, for that wonderful experience and for capturing this important stage in our lives! It was truly a joy working with you and an even greater blessing to have met you. You made me feel like a beautiful pregnant woman… =)

    We will definitely recommend you to all of our friends for whatever occasion they need captured in photos… =)

    Thanks again and God bless!

    cHaM, JaKe and BaBy MaGGiE

    • Sandra Dans

      Appreciate that, Cham! I’m really glad you guys are happy with the output :) And you ARE a beautiful pregnant woman with a beautiful family, all i did was capture that! You’re welcome, and good luck with the giving birth part! =D

  3. HOLY CRAP THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL! They seem like a couple with a sense of humor! Hee! Little Maggie will have a rockin’ upbringing, I can tell! I almost want to get pregnant so you can shoot me also. Hee.

    • Sandra Dans

      Oh totally, they were really great to work with. Kulit humirit hahaha =D I am excited to meet the little tyke. Thanks for dropping by, Kimbotzzz. Go get pregnant na, i support it.

  4. SANDRA! Ohmygally. You are so good at this! I got excited just looking at your photos! xD Maggie must be squirming in happiness! ANG GANDA NI ATE CHAM. <3

    • Sandra Dans

      HEEHEE PANSIN MO BA YUNG HAIRBLOOM NYA NAJ =D Thanks for dropping by!

  5. These photos are awesome! Came across your site through Brideandbreakfast.ph, and I’m so glad I clicked it! :) Do you do birthdays and post-nups as well? Hope to hear from you soon!

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