Easter Sunday

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Photographs from my family’s Easter egg hunt. When i was younger, there were ten to fifteen of us running around hunting for eggs, but these days we’re all grown so there are ten to fifteen of us hiding them and five little kids running around doing the hunting.

300 eggs, 5 kids. Happy Easter everybody!

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Hi I’m Sandra, a photographer and visual artist from the Philippines. Let’s be bros!


  1. Gorgeous! I keep Easter eggs in those little ice cream cups we got in Chicago.

    • Sandra Dans

      I REMEMBER THOSE ICE CREAM CUPS!! The ones from that crazy sass diner! Ho man. I destroy Easter eggs, in general.

  2. Oh wow, these photos are so vibrant and gorgeous – there is something so utterly precious and amazing about the (what I assume) handpainted quality of the eggs n___n I love that you captured the hiding and the finding too~

    The contents of the inside also looks infinitely more epic than the chocolate ones that is all we seem to get over here XD!

    Just wondering – were the eggs homemade or bought and, if they were homemade what are the eggs made of and how on earth did you put different lollies inside?? O:

    • Sandra Dans

      Hey Lae, thanks for the response! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos! My family keeps egg shells all throughout the year; we break them gently at one end and then just keep them in the cartons til Easter rolls around. Then we stuff them with candy and glue paper over the open end. After that it’s just a matter of having the kids paint them, and having the older kids/grown ups hide them :D

      • Wow, I’m amazed at the dedication and care that must go into preparing all of that but it’s completely adorable and I’m glad Easter seems like such a special, fun experience your family n___n!

        Haha, and it looks like you have picturesque hiding places too :P

  3. Hi Sandra. This is my first visit. Kino mentioned your site to me and I only got around to seeing it now. I feel bad about that because right now I’m amazed. Great photos! :)

    • Sandra Dans

      HI AIN!!!!!!!! Thanks for visiting!!! I miss you, i have no idea to get in touch with you! o__o But i have followed you on the tumbloo!

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