Sawako + Kazehaya // Kimi ni Todoke cosplay

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Two very good friends of mine (who i think you’ll all recognize) agreed to do a little shoot with me and I, with them, out at La Mesa Eco Park and in adjacent areas. The park is beautifully lit and a great place to stroll and picnic and shoot.

We also shot some cinemagraphs, which i’ll show you guys at another time. For now, have some old-school cosplay!

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Hi I’m Sandra, a photographer and visual artist from the Philippines. Let’s be bros!


  1. This so…sunshine! I really like yours photos!
    Jin and Miguel looks like happy…
    Thanks for this shoot!))

      • You’re welcome! I’m really enjoyed all yours photos!))
        Good luck!^_^
        (sorry for my English :’| )

  2. I love the softness in all these pictures! Such a cute photoshoot- very lighthearted and full of happiness ^^

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