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After six months of sitting on these photographs I finally got around to editing them for posting. I’ve just not really known what to do with them until… really, last night. I’ve not really known what I’ve been doing with my own work lately. I think I worked so intensely in this medium for five years that I needed a breather.

But I think I’ve stabilized creatively at this point, and ready to go do some more work. So yes, I keep SAYING – probably in the last few posts also – that I am going to post more, but I really am going to post more! I’ve got a WordPress tracker in my #bujo and everything! I will I will I will!

Anyhow, we went on this trip in September of last year, and Middle Earth was just coming down off of winter. New Zealand is UNREAL you guys. It will probably be the last stand for humanity when the viral apocalypse comes to pass.

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Hi I’m Sandra, a photographer and visual artist from the Philippines. Let’s be bros!


  1. Just saw this now (UGH BAD FRIEND) but Sands so gorgeoussss! :)
    Those colors are so rich and deep and otherworldly???

    Ganda sobra! (And hello to that rare mirror selfie! :))) )

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