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It’s certainly been an interesting past couple of days on this here planet we call home. Drumpf’s election might ring a few alarm bells for those of us living here in the archipelago, as it just feels all too familiar. That plus recent events here locally have got me feeling fearful, helpless and disconnected. That last one i think might be part of the problem, tbh. Should all of this have shocked me, or have I really been living in a bubble of my own making, as some purport? Maybe I have, but that bubble sure has been violently exploded into little flecks of bubble juice.

It’s really spring-loaded this next set of photographs though, that I shot everywhere between Virginia, Washington D.C. and New York. They were curiosities to me at the time I shot them but now they seem like relics of a different time and a different feeling.

I waved to Obama’s White House, so hey, at least I got to do that.

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