NYC 2016

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Spent some time on the east coast of the U.S. earlier this year to photograph a wedding, hang out with friends, spend time in Brooklyn and be sick all over my host’s living room. It was my first long haul trip by myself, so i got to do all the things i wanted to do which generally included hanging out in parks and museums as long as I wanted and taking the long way home so i could dilly-dally through the neighborhood. There are no pace issues when you’re by yourself, there’s no burning need to maximize the day. I didn’t even really feel that urgent about photographing anything. Honestly, that’s been a concern. I think photography is burning me out. It took me MONTHS to put this post together whereas in the past it would have taken me days. It’s not even that it feels like work, it just feels cumbersome.

In an attempt to thwart that, i present you with the first wave of photographs – taken on the streets and in the institutions of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Thanks to everyone on that side of the world that hosted me, cared for me, bought me dinner, took the day off to travel to see me – I was met with a great degree of hospitality and generosity on my trip.

More photos soon! For now, these.

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  1. I love it! These are great. I especially like the gold painted toy soldiers, the blue and white squiggly chairs, and the shots of the fronts of buildings. I hope posting this has resurrected your interest in your own photography! Can’t wait to see New Zealand. :)

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