Tokyo, Osaka

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Happy new year, everyone! Here’s the second wave of images from my trip to Japan in November. I felt like the character of these images was vastly different from my Kyoto images, which is why I decided to space them apart.

I’m quite a moody editor when it comes to these blog posts: I’ll edit everything one way one day and then come back to do the rest and they end up looking completely different. I actually had to sit myself down and force myself through this set in order to get any sort of comprehensive overall feeling. Could never get the hang of any sort of consistency in terms of my personal work… so I guess even the image processing is its own marker of how i’m feeling.

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  1. Sandra, these are so gorgeous and interesting! I’ve wanted to visit Japan since I took Japanese language classes in high school; thanks for allowing me yet again to live vicariously through you. :) I especially love the first few shots with crowd double exposures (or however you managed that!). Keep up the great work.

    • Sandra Dans

      Thanks Erica! Vicariously for now anyway, hopefully one day you’ll get to set foot on them Japanice soil :)

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