the lines of my earth

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Here are some images i’ve collected since moving back home. They are kind of meditations on a homespace. I’m still thinking about Hong Kong, oddly and reacquainting myself with an introversion that hasn’t really been around since I was in highschool. But hey guess what, it’s back. I have been finding inanimate objects so much more interesting than people.

Another thing is my dog got pregnant a few months ago, and none of her puppies survived the first night. She descended into quite a sadness at that point. But we used the opportunity to rediscover our dog-human friendship through a series of heartwarming and poignant encounters that, compiled into a montage, would probably most appropriately be underscored by happy guitar music. She is better now. :)

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Hi I’m Sandra, a photographer and visual artist from the Philippines. Let’s be bros!


  1. This is so beautiful and intimate Sands. It’s like your house is a breathing entity and I love these little facets captured in your photographs. The light is incredible! Also.. Sammy <3 :3

    • Thanks kitty. Yeah, my house has some weird new cosmic significance after not having lived in it for 30 months. I’m happy i get to be back here!

  2. Beautiful, as always. I especially like the tissue peeking out of the drawer and the curtain with the leaf pattern. Thanks for sharing.

    And I’m glad to hear your dog is feeling better. :)

  3. These are so wonderful. I love how much attention you pay to light; I feel like hardly anyone does that nearly enough anymore (and photography is painting with light!). Scrolling through these made me remember my own childhood home, I think because they reflected so many little things I used to look at myself, growing up in it, even though it was obviously a completely different house in an entirely different part of the earth! Does that even make sense? I hope so.

    • Thank you Eleanore! I’m glad you could find something in it to identify with :D

  4. Sandra, these pictures made me cry. Naawa ako sa puppy niyo…was so glad to see how much better she was in the later photo. And your home never looked so beautiful. I thought, “I know this house!” Parang it is a living breathing entity.
    Your fan for life,
    tita Henedine

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