1. I just reread and bookmarked online references for the passage marked in the above prints. I was going to type earlier how experiencing their artistry was just as penetrating through and true that it could change my paradigm at the moment (well, it did succinctly, more so to emphasize streams of thought pervasive in the urban scene). These subjects of the divine is going to have a great impact as presaged by the play of lights that you’ve done in all its concoction. But I just thought to comment just because the seeming essence or ethos was significant in that aspect. Pithy!

  2. Ibang iba ito from your past work. Iba ang dating ng black and white. I can appreciate the great skill and inspiration required to be able to juxtapose ordinary things and actually reveal the inherent beauty of each object against the backdrop of others. Relationships rule! Loved the light and shadow, the play of textures. Ganda:) What an eye you have, Sandra! Truly a gift from above.

    • Thanks Tita Henedine!! Glad you enjoyed the work!!! Always appreciate the time you take to look and leave me comments!

  3. They are so wonderful. I felt like words were springing out from your photos and I could immediately write another sets of poems from just staring at your works.

    Thank you for sharing, Ma’am!


    It’s just something about it that I can’t really explain; the way the light hits the objects and how you’ve captured everything makes me see colors in your work even though they’re black and white photos?! ITS REALLY WEIRD BUT THAT’S HOW IT IS! I also really like the careful placement of the flower matter to complement spaces relative to the physical objects you have in your compositions; this is coming from someone that knows nothing about photography and rarely comments on stuff alskjksdf


    • AW CENGA I JUS SAW THIS COMMENT AND I THANK YOU FOR IT FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! Thank you for your time and thank you for your love! Please please please see me sooooon!

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