Wishes for Strangers

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For everyone that missed our art show and book lauch, Day of Valor – here are the artworks! The framed works are for sale, for pricing information, please contact me at smfdans at gmail dot com. =) For purchase of Pauline’s book, you can email day.of.bravery at gmail dot com. The work makes much more sense when you can read the poems, so i encourage you all to purchase a copy for P350!

You will find that despite my poised
Prayer, I have not moved.
Paralyzed by pity’s paroxysm
I will have changed nothing


At the heart of every action is a decision, and of every decision, a desire. Until each desire matures fully into action, it is lifeless, inanimate. Such desires, while beautiful, are as inert as origami, perched upon our consciousness, doing nothing, loving no one. It takes courage to pluck the right desire from our being, discern its trajectory and transform it into acts of kindness, of love, of righteousness. Until then, our desires are dormant, and so are we.

for strangers, 13 x 17, edition of 2

for a father, 13 x 17, edition of 2
framed edition sold

for a child, 13 x 17, edition of 2

for a woman, 13 x 17, edition of 2

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