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Hong Kong is a great city to get lost in, by virtue of the fact that its sheer randomness gives its streets so much gosh durned personality. It is overrun with weirdness and i like it, and this post will make that evident, but it’s a disciplined entropy. The trains are seamless and efficient. I’ve never lived in a place where people actually line up for the bus and the cars horns are only built into vehicles in case of emergency (and not as a violent means of self-expression). Even the animals are well-behaved, i saw a dog walk straight to the dog poop sandbox all by hisself.

Not that i ever get lost. Please.

Anyway. It’s a nice balance. I’m excited to be here.

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Hi I’m Sandra, a photographer and visual artist from the Philippines. Let’s be bros!


  1. Ugh, I love this so much. All of it. You’ve really captured the character of the city so well. It feels like I’ve been wandering around with you. (I’m still dying to do something like this for L.A., sigh. I really don’t know what’s stopping me. It’s too bad you’re not also here at the same time to literally kick me in the ass and get me shooting again.)

    • Glad you like the pics, thanks! =) JUST DO IT MAN COME ON LA’S WAITING FOR YOUUUU

  2. Bianca Lesaca

    These are fantastic, Samrich! If you scroll up or down this series really fast, it’s like our life in Hong Kong flashing before our eyes; directed by Sofia Coppola.

  3. Gorgeous! I feel like I took a tour with you and you pointed out all of the most beautiful things.

  4. Love these Sandee! I miss (and especially look forward to) your street/life/travel stuff :) These photos are always really special.

    • Thanks Poi! Always great to hear from you! =) I ran into your Flickr account once upon a time, you’re doing awesome work! Hope you’re doing okay!

    I love the shot of the people's reflection, making them look like they're walking upside down! =)

  6. tita henedine

    You captured the essence of Hongkong! I almost forgot I was in Ohio, sitting at our kitchen table in my robe, sipping a cup of coffee:)

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