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Welcome to the new blog, everybody! This is where i’ll be relegating my personal, non-wedding/love/romance/loveydoveyschmoopy work. It is to encourage me to continue to create it! To kick things off, i’m posting some of my photographs from a recent trip to Singapore. I actually went over there to shoot a couple (wouldn’t you know!), and that shoot should be up on the other blog very soon as well.

Also in recent news since i last posted, I was accepted to the MFA Photography program at the Savannah College of Art & Design last quarter, and the reason i haven’t posted anything lately is basically that i’ve been so busy with school! Hurray! I took classes online for the first time and that was REALLY fun; and I will be moving to Hong Kong in January to pursue this on campus =)

Anyway, enjoy these!

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Hi I’m Sandra, a photographer and visual artist from the Philippines. Let’s be bros!


  1. Blinkin Park

    These are FANTASTIC! I’m so glad you’ve put these up! I am also loving the shiny, new layout! ? These colors are so lovely and nommy, Sands! I hope that you post more of these, because you are positively AMAZING at it!

    • Thanks Biancaaaa! Thanks din sa pagpapauto! <3 Heehee friendship is good for photography

  2. this is amazing – love how you take simple, banal things like a supermarket milk section and make it something artistic. Love the last photograph as well – the quote is so true~

    will be keeping up with your photography work on this blog as well as your wedding photo blog; thank you for always being such an inspiration c:

    • Thanks, Lae! The last photograph is by and from the Andy Warhol show that was up at the Art Science Museum =) Thank you for your kind words and your time too!

  3. Lovely and dynamic, as always!

    Ugh, I really need to start doing the same again. It’s been AGES since I shot anything for purely personal pleasure, and that makes me feel so sad and stifled.

  4. hello! i really admire your art.
    may i use the 5th to the last picture as my cover photo in facebook?

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