1. tita henedine

    Congratulations, Sandra! I heard the good news:) By the way, I love this latest set of photographs–you’ve caught the soul of the city! The fashionista in tights and rainboots has attitude bursting through her shorts. I can almost hear the hairdresser’s cry–gotta be ngo-ngo!@#! The one with the sampaguita vendor is just lovely–that gorgeous blue pops out against the muted church facade and the unexpected splash of color provided by the bike in the background completed the serenity of the scene. My favorite black and white shot was the one with the guy eating alongside pants hanging all in a row…just another creative juxtapositioning of subjects that you are so good at. I wonder how many people passed all these by and never paid attention?

    • Thanks Tita Henedine! =D Just another lovely day along Quiapo, great place to go nuts taking pictures. Hope you can come visit with us over there! Cultural experience sya for your kids! Hahahaha

    • Thanks Da! =D She was awesome! Sungit nya then when i approached with a camera, she smiled.

  2. That person with the leggings — priceless! Thanks for sharing. This album really captures Quiapo life.

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