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This post brought to you by the realization that reflections of buildings are more interesting than buildings themselves.

The pictures were taken at various locations around Manhattan in New York, Long Beach Island, Atlantic City and Princeton in New Jersey, Chicago and the various little ‘burbs of Illinois, within a three-week stretch towards the end of May. =)

Dear America, I love your huge cities, its museums, your beautiful salespeople, your local wildlife (BUNNIES!?) and most of all your local cuisine. Yes, everything is indeed made better by smothering it in cheese. Thank you for having us, see you again soon!

^ That is my sister, and it’s her birthday this week! Three cheers for birthdaaaaay!

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Hi I’m Sandra, a photographer and visual artist from the Philippines. Let’s be bros!


  1. YOUR DAD. IS SO ADORABLE. and oh wow all the colors and reflections, I absolutely love your photo sets. I love how you curate your stuff

    • Sandra Dans

      Thanks for noticing, Kitty! I take a longer time putting the post together than editing photographs, honestly. =D

  2. Ugh, basically weeping at the beauty of your stuff, as per usual. That shot through the huge bubble stunned me, but then again so did more than half of these! I always love your use of light, color and reflection.

    I miss viewing the world through a lens, tbh. I haven’t been in that mode for such a long time now (it’s been a discouraging couple of years). Every time you post a set it reminds me I really need to work my way back to that, or I’ll never get to where I really want to be. So thanks for that, I’m sure I’ll get there eventually.

    • Sandra Dans

      Always appreciate your comments, Eleanore, thank you =) Really glad to have made any impact at all. And maybe it’s just a question of getting out of your comfort zone! Trying to change things up and not always shooting the same thing (in my case, weddings and couples) always reminds me of what it is i love about photography, and keeps it exciting. I hope you can get back to a place where everything is exciting for you =) Thanks for dropping by!

  3. sandeeeee ang gandaaaaa! my favorite is the pic of sunglasses with your dad’s reflection. I mean yeah there’s a theme with reflections here but that one is the coolest. hehe.

    hey where are my profile pics!?:P

    • Sandra Dans

      SA FACEBOOK NA YUN HAHAHAHA =D Don’t worry, i got em.

      Thanks for dropping by, Krys! And thanks for keeping me company in lovely Princetontown.

      • always a pleasure to have you around Sandee. :) thanks for getting lost with me in my own state. :P

  4. I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! If I had money, I would pay you to go around and travel and take more pretty photos. :D

  5. Amazing. As always.

    P.S. I’m bummed you were so close and I couldn’t get to you. :( Maybe someday.

    • Sandra Dans

      Don’t worry, Erica! I will absolutely be back ;) Thanks again!

    • Sandra Dans

      Thank you Valerie Chuaaaaaa! Kilig naman ako sa comment mo ay! <3

  6. Is it bad that I’m kind of drawn to the photo of the guy with the beanie and the glasses overlooking the side of the road?

    Gorgeous Sandra Dans, so much beauty. <3

    • Sandra Dans

      Well i do know you like the glassess’d type, Najface =) Many thanks.

  7. tita henedine

    Dear Sandra, I am your ardent fan and you must know that your work has totally captivated me! I thanked your mom for showing me your website. Your dad advised me that your work is meant to be viewed, scrolling down–which I did– slowly, the first time through, then later, faster– the more I looked, the more I saw. The first photograph set the theme (reflections). Then the second shot (quirky lit up lightbulbs) made me wonder! I quickly spotted connecting threads–(cyclists in the foreground…yellow Puddin’ sign, yellow cab…white fountains all in a row, white piano keys, etc. etc.) I have to confess that I thoroughly enjoyed myself, scrolling through again and again, long after your parents went to bed! I was absolutely delighted to discover even more connections as I went, some more complicated than others (convex bean reflection/kissing blue fish/ smear of blue in the distorted park, seen through a giant bubble). And I had to smile when I saw the colorful umbrella hat your dad wore reflected in the colorful letters on the refrigerator (you are so playful!) You see everything with a creative eye (it can be quite disconcerting) and your camera captures a world that is amazingly related –the more one looks, the more one finds! Your talent is a God-given gift–use it well!

    • Sandra Dans

      Thanks for really taking the time to examine my work this closely, Tita Henedine! I appreciate the very comprehensive comment too =) Glad you’re able to see the threads that weave my posts together. Thanks for the book you sent through my parents as well, i will let you know once i’ve read it! Take care!

    • tita henedine

      Ha ha ha! I always pay attention to detail. I also enjoyed your latest photos of “your city.” Evocative. My favorite is of the chubby colorful lady in shorts and tights! Really made me smile:)

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