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I got asked by the BBC recently to document the widening wealth gap in Asia for an online photogallery illustrating the subject. They only used nine of the hundreds of images i took walking around the city, but was really happy with the rest of my work from my shooting days, so i am sharing them with you now!

I hope you guys find these as uplifting as i did while i was shooting them. These people don’t have much but they’re extremely happy! They were all very kind and accommodating and a lot of them (especially the kids) actually asked for their photographs to be taken. Their homes, as ever, are fascinating to behold.

The street photography workshop i took with Luis Liwanag something like a week before this assignment also helped LOADS. I highly recommend giving it a try, for people who want to learn about photography or people who think they’ve done it all. Hours of fun, and much to learn! I still have one session to go!

On an entirely separate slightly ironic note, i am going to be visiting the US for the next three weeks. See you all when i get back, i’ll most certainly have interesting photographs from my trip!

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  1. this is gorgeous! jw, where was this taken? that building in the background looks familiar. is this near east ave?

    • Sandra Dans

      I shot in a lot of various places, but none near East Ave. I was along Tomas Morato, near Mt Carmel in New Manila, Gilmore/Granada and along Aurora by Pureza.

  2. Just beautiful stuff, as always! Love how you always use light and color in such dynamic ways. I don’t see nearly enough of that from most photographers these days.

    P.S. You wouldn’t be coming anywhere near me in the U.S., would you? ;)

    • Sandra Dans

      Thanks Eleanore! You’re based in the west, correct? I will actually be exploring the east: New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Jersey, DC =)

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