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After two years of putting it off til my ears bled (I graduated in 2010), I’ve finally managed to put my undergraduate thesis online. This existed as a coffee table book for years before i ever got up the gumption to make the necessary adjustments to turn it into a website.

This was one of my biggest, most harrowing, most exciting undertakings ever. I had to write it, cast it (I still owe both Tinka and Nico kidneys, etc), design it, shoot it, and direct a group of 21 fine beautiful young people all by myself among other things, but the yielded crop is some of my favorite work. I’m never happier than when i’m showing people this project =)

Please be sure to check out the wonderful cast of characters i got to work with in the “Credits” link on the header or the footer of the Tinquerie page, they were all instrumental in the completion of this project.


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Hi I’m Sandra, a photographer and visual artist from the Philippines. Let’s be bros!


  1. Ria Cayton

    There’s a coffee table book of this? Where may I acquire this wonderful work? O___O beautiful work, as always, Sandra! :)

  2. Beautiful work as always! And Tinka is so charming! It was also fun exploring the cafe’s details. :)

  3. AWESOME! How ever was Tinka able to carry Nico on her back? :)) (I attended highschool with Nico, and Danica is my orgmate from college by the way) Again, AWESOME! I would like a copy if ever you decide to publish that coffee table book. Love it!

    • Sandra Dans

      So glad you like it! Tinka is strong like an ox, that Tinka =D I’ll point them towards this comment then! Thanks for dropping by Yenyen!

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