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Double Vision HKG

Around the time I was doing weddings, I decided to stop lugging around a DSLR on a daily basis. Aside from the obvious weight issue (Nikons are heavy bishes), I was having trouble disassociating work from leisure, my own photography from my “brand”‘s photography, if […]

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Here’s some facts about this blog: 1. When I started shooting 13 years ago, I posted everything I photographed on Livejournal. It was easy, familiar, quick, fun. I had a community over there, so I would get pretty hearty feedback with each post. I also […]

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American artifacts

It’s certainly been an interesting past couple of days on this here planet we call home. Drumpf’s election might ring a few alarm bells for those of us living here in the archipelago, as it just feels all too familiar. That plus recent events here […]

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NYC 2016

Spent some time on the east coast of the U.S. earlier this year to photograph a wedding, hang out with friends, spend time in Brooklyn and be sick all over my host’s living room. It was my first long haul trip by myself, so i […]

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Tokyo, Osaka

Happy new year, everyone! Here’s the second wave of images from my trip to Japan in November. I felt like the character of these images was vastly different from my Kyoto images, which is why I decided to space them apart. I’m quite a moody […]

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Everyone’s in Japan, and so was I! Walked through Kyoto for a few days and filled my lungs with fresh-ish autumn air. Learned that you have to make sure when you’re buying a drink from a vending machine to pay attention to the temperature of […]

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Old Manila

Some evidences of a trip I took out to Old Manila. I thought it made perfect sense to take an old technology with me. I would venture that this is the beginning of a larger project, especially since i just bought me a packet of […]

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I Radio Heaven

This is one of the first projects that I worked on when i moved to Hong Kong in 2013. It was a very spiritually tumultuous time for me, and i was very interested in the ways people found to physically manifest connections with what they […]

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In Between

This project was done for my Photo Documentary class, taken in the Spring of 2013. I documented the walk from where i live in Hong Kong to where i go to school, a bus ride that i take every single day. I would always see […]

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Entropy Beast

Hong Kong is a great city to get lost in, by virtue of the fact that its sheer randomness gives its streets so much gosh durned personality. It is overrun with weirdness and i like it, and this post will make that evident, but it’s […]

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Things That Fly

I’m in the midst of a lot of new work, especially since my move to a whole other country, so my backlog for this blog is growing ever fluffier and fluffier. Forgive my lateness to the party which is the Lantern Parade 2012. I do […]

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Welcome to the new blog, everybody! This is where i’ll be relegating my personal, non-wedding/love/romance/loveydoveyschmoopy work. It is to encourage me to continue to create it! To kick things off, i’m posting some of my photographs from a recent trip to Singapore. I actually went […]

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Humans of Quiapo

Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s ubiquitous and wonderful project, Humans of New York, i walked around my own city and took my own portraits under the watchful eye of Mr Luis Liwanag. People are fun!

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BBC Photowalk

I got asked by the BBC recently to document the widening wealth gap in Asia for an online photogallery illustrating the subject. They only used nine of the hundreds of images i took walking around the city, but was really happy with the rest of […]

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